video of our show last night at waffle haus

shot by garret cabello (thank you!)

hey i’m in this band lmao

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Anonymous: What camera do you use?

a canon power shot and ftb mostly but i really want an olympus xa


to the 30+ people who have followed me for some strange reason: I only use this blog to post photos i’ve taken. this means i don’t really post often. it’s okay if you unfollow me because of this. i still check though if anyone wants to send messeges!

madeofgiraffes: Teen suicide is fucking perfect. Your music taste is perfect. Your pics are perfect, good cinematography is perfect and u seem pretty cool haha do u have an Instagram?

thanks haha

i do have an instagram it’s “heatw4ve”


Every Animal Collective Song by Animal Collective

haha I wanna die

# sandkingsisaband:

march 26 /// the bunker /// grand rapids, mi
8 PM /// FREE
spook fest with some surprises


+ February/March 2014 Dates +

February 20 - Grand Rapids, MI - Mulligan’s Pub

February 21 - Grand Rapids, MI - Mexicains San Frontieres

March 14 - Kalamazoo, MI - Corner Record Shop

March 17 - Indianapolis, IN - Joyful Noise Records

Anonymous: If you don't mind me asking, what record player do you have? Is it good quality?

i don’t mind at all! i have a technics sl-1700 running through a sansui z3000 and advent iii speakers. it’s the best turntable for what i paid for it imo ($115). i love it so much



The DAAC: D.I.T. Refresh Project

As a teenager growing up in a boring city called Grand Rapids, one of the few things that was important to me there was the city’s DIY arts scene, and the thriving heart of that scene was a downtown venue called the DAAC (Division Avenue Arts Collective)….

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